Bitcoin hash rate is 100 trillion US dollars! What does it mean?

Bitcoin, the number one crypto currency, according to market size, outperformed some members of the crypto community, as well as experts, analysts, and investors. However, the asset seems to be likely to come with new surprises lately.

The Bitcoin hash rate model is worth US $ 100 trillion

. is a measure. The higher the Hash rate, the higher the efficiency of the system and the easier it is for miners to win block rewards. This means that a higher hash rate is healthier than the lower for the network.

As a result of the current large bull market, the Bitcoin hash rate was modeled with 100 trillion US dollars. also shows that Bitcoin will reach US $ 10,000 by 2020 and then the growth rate is exceeded. In the current market, Bitcoin is already over $ 8,000 when writing this article. This refutes the expectations of a few experts who envision a recovery for Bitcoin after the 2018 month market, but do not think it will be too fast.

Angry Bitcoin bull race

Bitcoin was just over 7,000 dollars early today. However, when it started to rise, it took only a few hours to pass $ 8,000. This price increase is thought to be triggered by recent important news. The question asked by the crypto community is now going to continue in this way. It will only show time bilgiler


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