Bitcoin mining revenues are at the lowest level in 19 months but a silver …

In January 2018 mining the miners had to deal with much smaller numbers after their revenue increased by almost $ 1 billion.

Cost of bitcoin mining decreased

Newly published Diar [19459006Accordingtothereportthetotalminingincomefellto19-monthlowinFebruaryHoweverthegoodthingisthatthegrossprofitmargin(thedifferencebetweenthecostofincomeandequipment)roseto39percentinFebruary

The steep drop

Bitcoin miners are a little over $ 190 million in February this year they won; this shows a huge difference compared to the 516.6 million dollars they earned last year. In January this year, miners managed to earn $ 210 million (January 2018 to $ 951 million).

The newest technology

The above report also reported that the Antminer S15 flagship bit rate was the previous generation Antminer S9 '. it shows more returns than. The bitcoin network is currently running on the latest equipment.

Cost increase

When halving occurs in Bitcoin in 2020, it is clear that only the strongest ASIC can provide the necessary amount of hash power.


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