Bitcoin Not Yet Dibi, $ 5,000 Attention!

We see that on every new day people say that the price of bitcoin or the price of crypto currencies will fall or rise. Today, CNBC Africa's host, Crpyto Trader Ran Neu-Ner spoke about CNBC's bitcoin:

"We keep going down and we are testing new sub-resistors. Next point is $ 6,250. If it's under it, it will test 5,900 dollars. "

Neu-Ner, who says that an important level of miners will have to look at $ 5,000, said you could start questioning whether you still have a profit for your crypto money when it fell.

According to Tom Lee, one of the founders of Fundstrat Global Advisors, bitcoin is going to see $ 25,000 this year.

 tom lee

The first six months of the year for Bitcoin have been quite challenging, as he also questioned whether he would continue trading around $ 8,000 in March at the same time. If the account that Bitcoin trades at around $ 20,000 in mid-December is attended, this fall in price has been extremely depressing for those entering the market as prices are rising. At the moment (13.6.2018-16: 10), Bitcoin is trading at $ 6.508,86, with a 4.55% depreciation in the past 24 hours.

According to Neu-Ner, the crypto money industry is still in its infancy and as such things are expected It stands. Neu-Ner, who has an optimistic approach to where the market is heading, though market volume drops to $ 275 billion dollars at the beginning of January, with a significant drop from $ 830 billion one day the market could reach $ 20 trillion.


Neu-Ner said that if traders are interested in long-term values ​​like three to five years, it might be time to enter the market with prices falling to such low levels:

"20, 30, 40 or 50 can go to. Then nobody cares whether you bought it in 5 or 6. "

The founder of Pantera Capital Management is another person who thinks now is a good time to buy a bitcoin. However, he also said that at the beginning of the month, the price of $ 7,650 for the bitcoin was bottoming.