Bitcoin Specialist '' Nicknamed Bitcoin Trader Sentenced to 1-Year Prison Break

A merchant from Los Angeles Bitcoin was sentenced to a one-year prison sentence at the end of the federal penitentiary to admit illegal monetary transactions.

An old stockbroker and California Theresa Tetley, According to a statement from the US Department of Justice, in addition to a prison sentence, he was fined $ 20,000, and in addition to this penalty, 40 Bitcoins (about $ 254,000), 300,000

Tetley was previously named by the nickname "Bitcoin Expert" on the local stock exchange platform before and between 2014 and 2017 years he had tried.

This one year and one-day penalty, of course, is shorter than the 30-month penalty that Tetley did not confess.

Brian Klein, one of Tetley's lawyers, stressed this as a "victory", as reported by the LA Times news source,

"We are very pleased that the judge has made such a dramatic decision."

Although Tetley's case appears to be the first example of a family in the California region,

In a lawsuit in 2017 one of the bitcoin merchants and his father was accused of doing illegal money services, and the case ended with a nine-year prison sentence. .