Bitcoin stock market crashes in Kraken's CEO Coinbase

The list of the third largest crypto money XRP and the launch of the Blockchain analysis platform Neutrino, the debate that started around the US-based crypto money exchange Coinbase, is endless

. allegations of insider trading) had been put forward and the stock market had taken such a negative reaction first. After this incident, news about Neutrino came and the reactions increased. Some members of the crypto money community had realized that the core team of Neutrino was part of the Hacking Team, which sold surveillance tools to badly ruled governments.

Beginning with these events, many Coinbase users closed their accounts and shared it on social media.

Coinbase's Corporate Sales Director, Christine Sandler, said in a statement to calm these reactions that the Neutrino team was aware of their previous activities, but that the only goal of this acquisition was to benefit from Neutrino's industry-leading technology.

Sandler, who tried to relieve the reactions, explained his reasons for this purchase and announced that he had sold his customer data to third parties without even realizing it.

After that, Brian Armstrong, Coinbase's CEO, made an official statement through a blog post. The blog post, which does not mention the sale of customer data, includes the following statements:

if There was a gap in our rigor process. The former members of the Hacking Team will be sent from Coinbase to another location. Ell

Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken, who evaluated this issue in the podcast, said:

eski I compare Christine Sandler's explanation to that. So they are driving a person forward and measuring reactions. If things don't go well, they put forward different people who might be more competent and think that we can approach the event from different angles. As for the Coinbase CEO's statement, the company says that its mission is to create a clear financial system. They've said this before. I think Coinbase's rhetoric and actions do not match. Hemen

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