Bitcoin Traders in the UK Have an Important Place in the Crypto Money Market

According to the data published by Skew, the Bitcoin market in the United Kingdom has achieved tremendous growth, especially in the past three months.

In the light of the data released by the London-based data analysis firm, the region has established a strong Bitcoin trading volume over the past 120 days. able to say. The charts, which resonate in social media, show a significant increase in cryptocurrency in the UK.

Skew emphasizes that all crypto currency traders are considered to be in Asia and the US. has published a chart with the average trading volume over the past 120 days. Skew also underlined the fact that London has a lot of information about the Bitcoin volume trend. The US and Asia have more traders than the UK, analysts stressed, despite all this, that the UK is still an attractive region to set up a crypto-money business

. it is possible to see how much a rise has occurred. According to the New York time, 11 am in the morning, one of the leading stock exchange markets in Asia, according to the Bombay time, which corresponds to 9:30 am, this time is also evidence of the active activity of UK-based traders.