Bitcoin whale empties a half-billion dollar wallet

A Bitcoin whale accumulating 113,000 BTC worth of about 440 million dollars since 2014 may have sold everything after the transfer of 60,000 BTC, which completely drained the fourth largest Bitcoin wallet last month.

but it started selling last year. It is thought that the owner of this wallet may have completed the sale after the end of February


The reasons for the transfer movements here may be different, but the assumption of sales is generally emphasized. There are two situations that can justify transfer actions: either the whale has divided their crypto money to avoid attracting attention, or the OTC sold hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin.

The first operation of the wallet is October 24, 2014. On that day, the wallet buys 0.001 BTC, which is $ 0.36 a day. In the meantime, the wallet can be owned by a person or an organization.

When the details of the last 60,000 BTC transactions are examined, it is seen that all withdrawals are made on the same day but on different addresses. This indicates that the processor is using software. Not all of the 60,000 BTCs were transferred at the same time, but the entire transaction took place in London between 07.30 and 15.00 on February 28.

Trustnodes notes that transactions are highly likely to be a bench-top market sale.

Did the owner of the wallet get a good offer to transfer his BTCs, or did a weak hand pave his way to the strong hands? The answer to these questions is not clear

What is clear is that 60,000 BTC moves. Not to an exchange, but to a large number of addresses, each of which receives about 1000 BTC 19

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