Bitfinex and Tether Bitcoin manipulated prices

According to the New York Times, Tether (USDT) once again became a critique source after a new work on Bitcoin price manipulation for 2017.

John M. Griffin at the University of Texas on June 13 In a paper published by Amin Shams, it is suggested that transaction templates are used to provide price support and manipulate crypto money prices.

Researchers say that Bitcoin's price in December 2017, which reached its all- time high of $ 20,000

In the summary of the article, "Using algorithms to analyze the blockchain data, it is clear that the purchases made with Tether are timed following the decline in the market and result in large increases in Bitcoin prices. Ğ we see. "The statement said. It was later stated that intensive Tether transactions were associated with 50 percent of the meteoric increase in Bitcoin and 64 percent of the rise in other crypt money.

Griffin and Shams hypotheses, as well as the mainstream

The New York Times noted that the year in which we researched is likely to lead to a debate about the massive rise of Bitcoin, not the actual claims of investors, but the secret actions of several major players.