Bitfinex brings a new service to corporate customers Bitcoin

Bitfinex partnered with Swiss Market Synergy to develop a link service for banks, hedge funds and brokers

Bitfinex, one of the leading crypto money exchanges, announced on Wednesday that it is starting to offer a new crypto service targeted at institutional investors .

Bitfinex CEO Paolo Ardoino, a FIX gateway aimed at meeting the growing demand of institutional investors such as banks, hedge funds and brokers, has also added a faster and safer cryptography

Bitfinex has partnered with Swiss Market Synergy for enterprise connectivity

According to the agreement, Market Synergy provides outsourced connection and hosting services as well as FIX feed and ISP (Internet Service Provider) connectivity FIX of the crypto exchange has created a special network for the digital asset gateway.

Market Synergy CEO James Banister made the following statement about the project:

Demand for crypto money trade grew rapidly, while institutionalized crypto money was on the market for link presentation, while Market Synergy also provided joint placement services to Bitfinex corporate clients. we realized that there was a gap … We worked very closely with Bitfinex to assess needs, choose the ideal data center and build the right infrastructure.

In May this year, the crypto money market, in cooperation with Connamara, launched a digital asset FIX network to attract large investors. The Financial Information exchange (FIX) is an industry standard electronic communications protocol that facilitates data transfer between financial institutions by shortening the trading period.

The Crypto Exchange also supports crypto-fiat pairs

Bitfinex is the leading crypto currency exchange with an average transaction volume of $ 400 million it is one. The crypto exchange, which supports a variety of crypto bills including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP), also includes dollars, euros, British sterling and Japanese yen for BTC and ETH

In June, Bitfinex's chief strategist left the company following the termination of Bitfinex's operations in the US


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