BitGo Offers Giant Investor Storage Solution

BitGo, a Palo Alto-funded initiative announced the introduction of a new model for institutional investors who hoped to benefit from the market. while doing it with a published text; this service which will open the way for the protection and storage of Bitcoin in particular;

When BitGo bought a company named Kingdom Trust which is an important company that provides services like this and also licensed this area, in January,

Even though BitGo's acquisition process has not yet been officially completed, the company has quickly gained acclaim as it moves quickly.

BitGo, the company's new acquisition, is a continuation of the events at that time of purchase. Tracy Olsen after the introduction of the description,

"We are often hearing that there are a lot of big names interested in crypto money and wanting to invest in it, in the recent period, saying that the new product will serve a broad spectrum customer portfolio. But there are also small hedge funds. These also want such services. They are demanding security, protection and storage services, and we are in the process of commissioning BitGo. "

BitGo is expected to offer three different types of services to its customers along with the product. One of these companies; to provide storage and security service through Kingdom Trust ; In the second type of service, larger investment firms will be targeted. Here, customers will be able to manage their wallets if they are on the internet. The third type of service is a service called self-managed that allows firms to conduct their own audits.

Some customers do not want their customers to have their wallets checked by anyone other than themselves due to various concerns and that these customers have various justified reminders Olsen indicating that;

Olsen stated that they are offering solutions that can be shaped according to each customer type and each customer's special request.

Referring to the issue of customer and press relations, Olsen stated that BitGo will never make any statement about the amount of money guaranteed in their portfolio; but he also said that the wallets around the company have a great deal of space. BitGo is going to improve further

BitGo says that the work is not finished yet at the service points of the BitGo, with bigger developments and updates

Olsen reminds us that BitGo now gives this service for 20 different crypt money ; as one of the company's main goals in 2018, is to increase this number. Olsen, "As our customer portfolio expands, people who want to get these services for coins in a much wider spectrum have emerged. We also evaluate each request according to the market conditions and accordingly we form a priority order. .

The development and change that BitGo initially showed for Bitcoin only led to a change in the number of coins we serve as our main goal, while gaining the appreciation of many;

According to Olsen, many corporate firms will follow this newly emerging trend in the near future, and this growing trend is likely to continue in the near future, according to Olsen. claim; BitGo will lead the further expansion of the business area. Olsen, who noted that many large firms are interested not only in Bitcoin, but also in crypto paralytics such as Ripple and Ethereum;

Target Wall Street

BitGo has managed to become one of the few companies that have managed to extend their business portfolio to Wall Street from many crypto-money initiatives. After the news that Goldman Sachs will open a crypto money table, it is considered a matter of time when other major Wall Street giants enter the market. At this stage, both BitGo's vision and vision seem to be a solution to this problem, even though investment and such services have yet to reach the top.

Not only BitGo; Ledger and Coinbase offer offline storage systems to both individual and corporate customers. Olsen states that the reputation of some of the crypto money in the following stages makes them and their opponents difficult;

"There are still perceptions that some people have cryptic money as an underground activity, and it will take time to break it down. However, I am slowly seeing positive steps taken in this regard and this is very pleasing. I hope everyone as soon as possible; Bitcoin and crypto money will be seen as a legitimate investment tool. "