Bitmain CEO Claims No Secret Mining Plan

On June 9 Bitmain CEO's Jihan Wu refuted his claims that the hardware production and mining company's new manufactured devices were using them before public sale.

The CEO was announced during an interview with Forbes about the recent rumors on the market.

In the news we have shared with you on June 1, AntMiner B3 has been reported to the public. ]it is stated that the device has 750 hash calculations power at the moment, and the Chinese users who took the product first stated that Bitmain exaggerated the power of the product seriously in the presentation made by the users this month. In addition, the users have indicated that the new fan AntMiner B3 is a serious dust deposit on the fan, which may be the cause of the previous complaint about the low performance.

Jihan Wu said: 19659005] "No such thing never happened. We have a small scale test. We do not do that. This is not our strategy. "

After a hard fork of Monero a common debate created some doubts among the Bitmain community. After the hard fork, most of the hash is still available in the old chain. Bitmain's Cryptonite ASIC device has not been offered to the public where mining algorithms have changed.

Wu said about the issue:

"There's a bunch of people in Monero's hands holding and controlling the majority hashrate.

The CEO also stated that he did not intend to spend such energies and time on the resources that could lead to such a disgrace.

"The example devices

According to reports, the company plans to open to the public with a first digital money supply in the end Hong Kong and in the US .

On June 4, t the Bitmain community had this tweet:

"Our production team is constantly working on the fact that the transport of the Antminer z9 mini miners is fast. We will be updating during the bigger tour on June 15th. Wait for news from us. "