Bitmain Moves Towards the World's Largest Crypto Company with Confident Steps

These are just some of the billion dollar companies that have great impact on the globally crypto money industry like Coinbase Binance and Ripple Labs Coinbase is a stock exchange that has dominance on the market with crypto money. Binance likewise controls crypto money market with crypto money. Ripple Labs oversees the development of the Ripple blockchain network, which is regarded as a special blockchain protocol in the banking sector.

Bitmain, with absolute control over the bitcoin mining equipment industry, to come to Bitmain to maintain its dominance in the market Samsung . Over the past year, Bitmain founder and CEO Jihan Wu focused on developing Bitmain's investment arm.

Bitmain, the largest producer of bitcoin mining equipment in the world, has been finishing Series B funding for more than $ 12 billion over the course of the past few days.


Within a few years Bitmain managed to make billions of dollars in annual profits.

After announcing that Opera Internet Browser has confirmed its plans to buy shares this week, Bitmain's public offering of $ 115 million ($ 19 million)

Analysts who assessed Bitmain's growth believe that the company could earn up to $ 19 billion in the world's largest chipmakers in just four years, and NVIDIA's $ 3 billion to secure $ 3 billion

Analysts also point out that Bitmain achieved a $ 3 billion operating profit in 2017 and that companies such as Binance easily exceeded the profit margins, saying that Bitmain realized this in only 4 years,

Bitmain confronts NVIDIA

Bitmain is not only more profitable than NVIDIA in 2017, but also competing with NVIDIA in the lead intelligence (AI) industry outside the company's crypto money and bitcoin mining chip market.

Artificial intelligence will be in place in our future world. Just as motor vehicles take the place of horse carts, they will artificial intelligence around the world. Bitmain product marketer Allen Tang said they will face companies like Intel and NVIDIA to compete in the artificial intelligence field.

According to Fintech researchers, Bitmain certainly has enough budget to compete with big companies in both crypto money and artificial intelligence