BitMEX announces an increase in hacking attempts and warns

Crypto money exchange focused on leveraged transactions BitMEX recently announced an increasing number of hacking attempts on the platform and advised users to improve their security measures as much as possible. and remind users that they need to protect their BitMEX accounts using strong and unique passwords, two-factor authentication, and a password manager. 19

According to BitMEX, research by Google enabled nearly all account information to be stolen by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). initiatives can be prevented. Concluding that 2FA is the best way to prevent such attacks, BitMEX says it intends to enforce it on its platform.

The company also states that risky accounts in the stock market are often associated with weak or reused passwords, hacked emails, or infected computers. In addition, BitMEX says they have discovered a number of new tactics in account hacking and have updated their policies accordingly.

One of these tactics is that hackers disable email notifications related to account logins to further hide their traces. The stock market announced that it would no longer be possible to disable such notifications.

Second, attackers were creating API keys in accounts that hacked so that they could be used to verify withdrawals alone. Requests for withdrawals via APIs are now required to be verified by email.

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