Black Holes Can Allow Fast Space Travel

The physicist Gaurav Khanna claimed that black holes could be used as a portal for fast space travel. According to Khanna, the only thing that needs to be done is the provision of appropriate conditions

It is almost impossible to travel to places far away from Mars by using today's technology. According to physicist Gaurav Khanna of the University of Dartmouth in Massachusetts, black holes can be eliminated in space if they can be manipulated in order to create the proper conditions.

One of the most common science fiction scenarios is the use of black holes as a portal in the transition to another dimension or time. may be closer than ever, "he said.


            Why Black Holes Don't Swallow the Whole Space?

m The interaction can only be too small to be ignored if it is just under the right conditions, and an easy transition through the black hole is achieved. "He said. You can reach the full article by Khanna by clicking here.