Blizzard Announces Diablo 3 Will Leave Nintendo Switch

After a long silence and uncertainty, Blizzard said today they have not forgotten the legendary Diablo. Blizzard is working on several projects for Diablo.

From Blizzard's most legendary games, Diablo, the father of RPGs, has long been silent. We have not heard any news for the first time in the Diablo series for 6 years. Until Taaki Blizzard gives Twitter today the news of new projects about Diablo. The most interesting of these projects on Blizzard, working on a series of Diablo projects, was the arrival of Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch.


            Diablo 3's Creator Shared Ideas About the Game

Published a short video Blizzard's community manager Brandy Camel told Diablo fans that the popular series was not ignored by the company. Indicating that they are preparing several Diablo projects, Camel said that some of the projects will take more time than others, but this year Diablo fans will be able to show a few things.


            Blizzard Will Not Publish Warcraft 4 In Time

Blizzard explained that Diablo plans were already in the february. Soon after the announcement, Eurogamer announced that the Diablo III was developed for the Switch and that Kotaku received this information from a reliable source.


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Diablo III, which made a stunning entry in May of 2012, sold a total of 30 million copies for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The first extended version of the game, the Reaper of Souls, was put on the market in March 2014 and turned into a better action-RPG. At that time, although the game was regularly updated, new action and important content updates did not come up. Blizzard's Diablo seems to be in time for action. Apart from these developments, millions of people are looking forward to the announcement of Diablo 4.