Block Chain Company Tron Purchases BitTorrent

BitTorrent, which produces Torrent client technology, was officially acquired by Tron. Tron, one of the world's best-known initiatives on block chaining, is also traded on its stock exchanges with its own crypto currency.

Block-chain technology companies are investing in emerging sectors on different internet bases. BitTorrent brings a new breath to the world of file sharing and is now a Tron formation. Although there is no clear information about the sale price, the leaks show a payment of $ 126 million. BitTorrent's employees are also moving to Tron's San Francisco office.

Justin Sun, founder of the Tron platform, voiced the company's establishment of the world's largest non-centralized ecosystem. Following the sale, BitTorrent will continue to be used for free.

Although it is not yet clear what the Tron plans to do, we expect the company to make a detailed statement in the near future. BitTorrent is a form of life that has come to life with a decentralized mentality before the block chain. The existing technological and economic systems forced him to develop into an institutional structure for his growth.

BitTorrent, which was founded in 2004, has not earned the right money since 2008.