Blockchain, like the 1969 Internet

Amber Baldet was the face of JP Morgan's Blockchain initiatives before he left the bank to begin his venture earlier this month.

Former president of the bank's Blockchain unit, Baldet, was known as the bridge between Blockchain and the world of cryptography and Wall Street.

JPMorgan '

Baldet, who did not comment on what he would do after he left JP Morgan, spoke with Business Insider about Criery, Blockchain technology, and teenagers' advice.

Frank Chaparro: "There is a lot of exaggeration in the crypto world. There is an interesting tweet that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin thinks he deserves to be over $ 500 billion in the crypto market. How effective is technology in this? "

Amber Baldet: " I think that technology is going to be incredibly effective, so I work every day. I know that many people compare Blockchain with the Internet in the 90's. At that time, we could not imagine anything like Netflix. So it is impossible to stand here and see what Blockchain's functions are going to do. Blockchain now looks like the internet in 1969. However, this does not mean that there is no use of Blockchain. We are only too far from the full scope of what these networks can be used for. At the moment there are many companies that use distributed storage.

Chaparro: "Is it hard to be at the intersection of old Wall Street and the crypto cyberpunk worlds?"

Baldet: "I want to do about my work something is breaking this distinction.

Chaparro: "What are your recommendations for young people who have just begun their career in crypto or financial services? If you want to do something worthy of internet, you will have crypto money, real world assets, unauthorized Blockchains and special hindrances." "

Baldet: " This is a difficult question to answer. It's important to be yourself. I can tell you that the partner is important to the features you can use. Also make sure that the world is yours, it is not bad to be different. We do not need the same millions of people who solve the world's problems. "