Blue Meteor Piece to Tell the Past of the Sun

The Solar System is a massive formation with hundreds of mysteries, and mankind has many ways to learn about it. The last example is the tiny blue crystals that are hidden.

The Sun is one of the oldest members of the Solar System, and everything around it turns around. When we look at the collected data, it is understood that the Sun was about 4.6 billion years old and gave life to our system. Because the planets came to life after millions of years of objects rotating around this star, and it became almost impossible to find the components of the Sun's early times.

Of course, it is impossible to go back in time and get materials from the early solar times, unless there are particles in the world that have been separated from it at the time and in a timely manner. According to scientists, small dark blue crystals called "Hibonites" have some critical traces about the stages they have been through day-to-day from the birth of the Sun.

According to a study published in a source named "Nature Astronomy" some elements even older than ourselves are hidden in the meteorites of our Earth and are now selectable. These particles, which are very small objects such as meteoroids and asteroids in our system, contain important findings about the past as they act like time encapsulation.

These unique stones, compared with some meteor samples taken from a museum and revealed their differences, and that they came to the scene with the influences of youth. Neon and helium fragments can be introduced into these crystals, which appeared billions of years ago, but only if the Sun is very active.


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According to the scientists, it is very important to have various knowledge about the past in terms of understanding our future. The Sun, which is located in the center of your system and plays a major role in its formation, is the center of the most important evidence. Because the oldest planets and stars of our galaxy can provide important information to us about what happens in space before Earth.