Blue Origin Tests Engine of Landing Vehicle for the First Time

Jeff Bezos' space exploration company Blue Origin's engine to land on the Moon was tested at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The engine of Blue Origin's BE-7 was tested for the first time at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. The test was a big step forward for the private space company's landing on the Moon.

Jeff Bezos shared the images of the test on Twitter and shared the following statements:

We conducted the ignition test at Marshall Space Flight Center. The data looks good and the equipment is in perfect condition. The test lasted 35 seconds, just as expected. All accolades belong to @BlueOrigin team. Thanks to @ NASA_Marshall for their help! In addition, both fuels can be recovered from the moon's surface within a day. During the event, the company also introduced a new design for the Blue Moon landing vehicle. The new design was capable of carrying 6.54 tons of cargo as well as astronauts.


 Jeff Bezos Introduces Blue Origin's Fantastic Car to the Moon

Although there is currently no clear indication as to whether US astronauts will use the Blue Moon, an explanation will soon come

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