Blue Origin's Rocket Tested Successfully

Blue Origin, Amazon's exclusive Jeff Bezos rocket company, today ran its eighth test flight in West Texas.

Blue Origin, which Jeff Bezos, known as the world's richest man, used to turn the space into a commercial, challenged the SpaceX with the test flight he carried out today. New Shephard, which the company used for testing, reached about 3.540 kilometers when it reached the distance. The rocket then made an autonomous landing. The rocket caused a massive sonic explosion during its descent.

During the live broadcast, the rocket was used by Blue Origin for the second time. For years, the company continued to work and test quietly in the western Texas desert. On the other hand, the company had to launch 1 hour late due to the weather opposition.


There was a model man named Skywalker in the rocket during the launch.
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After the Blue Origin's booster rocket returned to Earth, the rocket with its model was unfurled and landed. However, Blue Origin and Bezos' New Shephard rocket is described as a response to Elon Musk and SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. New Glenn is also being developed as a rival to Falcon Heavy, also known as one of the biggest rockets tested in February.