BMW and Mercedes to Build an Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, received approval for the merger of several mobile mobility units with the BMW Group last month to set up a single joint venture company. Two German giants have now been in talks about becoming a partner for autonomous automobiles.

According to the news published on Monday at Handelsblatt, two companies; exchanges ideas on autonomous vehicles and potential platform sharing. The joint autonomous vehicle initiative, which is seen as a continuation of the agreement of the mobile mobility units of Daimler and the BMW Group last month, could have a big impact on the autonomous vehicle market if it is realized.

Another rumor that the next generation of Mercedes and BMW brands can be used on a common platform. But the joint venture, which is planned to be built for autonomous vehicles, is now the priority of the companies. According to the news published by Handelsblatt, two German giants can set common standards for the autonomous vehicle industry as well as share the costs involved in autonomous vehicle development.


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We have witnessed many joint ventures to share the development costs of autonomous cars. The agreement between Ford and Volkswagen Group last week is the closest example. Both companies are known to have plans for autonomous vehicles and electric cars.

Despite these big initiatives, we should note that Waymo is the leader in autonomous automobile technologies. The market for autonomous vehicles is expected to grow as Honda's promise to invest billions of dollars in Cruise's autonomous automobile unit, and the start-up of initiatives in the American autonomous vehicle technologies sector, such as Aurora, has increased.

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