BMW and The North Face Introduced 2 Wheel Tents

The North Face produced a new generation of fabric. The company collaborated with BMW to promote a breathable but breathable fabric in CES.

The North Face produced a new waterproof yet breathable fabric called ES Futurelights di, more advanced than Gore-Tex. The North Face, working with the BMW Designworks team to show the features of the fabric, came to the CES with a 2-wheeled, ultra-light, carbon chassis and a camping tent made of Futurelight fabric. One of the important features that we notice is the use of tires similar to airless tires developed by Michelin in the tent.


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Older generation fabrics are very good at keeping water out, and they are good at keeping moisture inside. Thanks to the technology called ne nanospinning bil in the Futurelight fabric, the holes in the fabric are so small that they do not allow the air to come out while allowing the air to escape. At night, when you breathe out, the moisture comes out, and so much moisture comes out until morning. In this concept tent, two people can camp comfortably.

This design probably won't go into series production at all, but we hear that most campers say if they were produced, they have a design that deserves to be produced.

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