BMW Announces 'Virtual Personal Assistant' Virtual Assistant

German automotive giant BMW announced its own in-vehicle virtual assistant, Smart Personal Assistant (IPA). The virtual assistant will have full authority in the vehicle from the pressure of the tires to the sunroof.

Virtual assistants built on artificial intelligence technology are now actively used in many areas, primarily smartphones.

There are two options in front of automobile manufacturers to offer a virtual assistant to their users.

German automotive BMW chose the second option and developed its own virtual assistant. The voice assistant, called Smart Personal Assistant (IPA), is activated with the standard 'Hey BMW' command and can reach almost all settings related to the vehicle. Even out of the vehicle …


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IPA can ignite your car's long headlights, control the sound system, or turn the sunroof on or off. Moreover, IPA can also control the oil condition of the vehicle or tire pressure in addition to all these.

IPA can be activated with the command Hey BMW, but BMW said it could create a different command to wake up the virtual assistant. According to a statement made by the company, IPA will officially go on the market in March 2019.






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