BNB outperformed EOS with Binance's statement yesterday

Bitcoin suffered a 4.5 percent loss compared to yesterday, while most of the alternative crypto currencies were red. BNB had a 10 percent increase after the stock exchange announced that all BNBs that had been allocated to the team and found 80 million units would be burned. Since 2017, this has been realized in quantities varying according to the volume of transactions in the stock exchange in each quarter. The total supply of the BNB is 200 million. So far, approximately 12 million BNB have been burned. There are 88 million BNB left to be burned. All of this was covered by the BNB, which Binance obtained from transaction fees.

It is undoubtedly a positive development in terms of crypto money that the amount to be burned will not change, but the amount of 80 million will not be allocated to the team. He ensured that the crypto currency was placed in 6th place with market capitalization. The BNB has a market capitalization of 4.5 billion dollars as of 14.40 Celsius and there is a difference of approximately 130 million dollars between EOS and EOS. The crypto currency is currently traded for $ 31.4.

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