Boeing 737 Airplane Down: 157 People Lost Their Life

Ethiopian Airlines's flight to Nairobi has fallen.

It is known that the Boeing 737-800MAX aircraft, ET 302, lost contact with it immediately after the take-off. According to local time, the passenger plane, which departed at 08.38, fell six minutes after the departure and 157 people were killed in the accident.

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Ethiopian Airlines issued a press release immediately after the accident. The published article was outlined in the following way:

ay We have to stress that Ethiopian Airlines had an accident in ET 302 flight number one. The B-737-800MAX aircraft departed at 08.38, but the connection with the aircraft on 08.44 was lost. Search and rescue work is currently underway, but there are no passengers or survivors of the plane with 149 passengers and 8 cabin crew. Ethiopian Airlines employees will be sent to the scene of the incident and any assistance to the search and rescue team will be carried out. In