Boeing 737 Max: Boeing detects two other software bugs

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has found two new software bugs in the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. According to Boeing, these must be corrected before the aircraft of this type can take off again. After two crashes, all Boeing 737 Max are banned from take-off.

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Both problems affect flight control, reports the British news agency Reuters relying on the aviation group. One of the two errors could cause the autopilot to fail on approach. The other concerned a microprocessor of the flight control computer and could cause the aircraft to rise or fall by itself.

Boeing is working on updates

According to Boeing, neither of the two errors has occurred in flight so far. Updates for this are already in progress. It is not yet known when these will be available. However, the group expects that they will not influence the restart of the Boeing 737 Max. This is planned for the middle of this year.

According to Boeing, the errors are not related to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). A bug in this flight control software caused two crashes in October 2018 and March 2019. 346 people died in the accident. A worldwide flight ban was then imposed on this type.

The group is having difficulty getting the problem under control. The construction of the type was stopped in January. Because of the problems with the 737 and with the Starliner spacecraft, Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg had to leave shortly before the turn of the year. All of this also had an impact on the economic result: in 2019, more aircraft were canceled than ordered.

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