Boeing 737 Max Makes Test Flight For Certification

Boeing is trying to get FAA certification to re-launch the 737 Max, which has been involved in 2 major accidents in recent years. The company successfully completed its first test flight to obtain certification from the Federal Aviation Administration.

BoeingEven though he laid off thousands of employees in the coronavirus pandemic process, his problems actually go back much earlier. As you know, Boeing 737 Max type planes had two major accidents in the past 6 months. According to the investigations on debris, these accidents MCASIt was announced that it originated from (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). Boeing, which has been working to eliminate the mistakes of the aircraft in the long time that has passed, is now the first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) completed the test flight.

Boeing actually knew most of the mistakes already on board before crashes occurred. Despite this, the company, which continued to let the planes fly, perhaps caused hundreds of people to die for this reason. Boeing, who resolved the errors in MCAS after all errors, seems to have convinced FAA that the system has improved. This situation is also very important for THY, because there are a large number of 737 Max planes in Turkish Airlines and these planes cannot fly right now.

Ethiopia and Lion Air analyzing the expected accidents during the life of the plane for 737 Max, which does not fly long after the accidents FAAAs a result, a 737 Max risk of death in plane crash 757, 767, 777, 787 risk of dying of aircraft such as equal He said that. The aircraft is currently continuing test flights to get re-certified.

Of course, many people will not want to board Boeing’s 737 Max planes at the moment, but given some logic, these planes are currently the safest they may have planes. Considering the possibility of Boeing to go bankrupt if another accident occurs, the company is thought to take into account all security measures for the aircraft.

How was the Boeing 737 Max developed?

Boeing, its biggest rival AirbusInstead of developing a new aircraft to fight, the popular aircraft of the 1960s Boeing updated the 737 and improved the 737 Max. In order for the aircraft to compete against Airbus, big engines and the company that changes the design of the aircraft, in order to prevent changes in direction and potential stopping caused by these changes. MCASHe founded. First flight in 2016 The aircraft, which came out and received the FAA certificate in 2017, experienced two major accidents on the first of October 29, 2018, and the second one on March 10, 2019.


Boeing faces a new investigation due to 737 MAX’s manufacturing flaws

So what do you guys think Boeing plans to re-use? Would you like to ride the 737 Max? Or do these planes need to be completely eliminated? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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