Boycott Decision Sits on US Agenda

The boycott call made by President Erdogan as a result of the tension between us and the US sat on the agenda of the US press.

President Erdogan was in favor of a boycott for technology products produced in the United States following the sanctions imposed by Trump and the rise in dollar exchange rate. In our country, the news that was spoken at the press was sitting on the press in the USA, especially in the news of the technology. Many news site 'Turkey's President Erdogan, US Products Makes Boycott Calls for' gave the title of news stories.

news that TechCrunch post, Erdogan's 'use iPhone' discourse 'ironic' as defined and Erdogan in the coup attempt took place in 2016

The reported news also mentions that the tension between the two countries and the depreciation of the Turkish Lira at the same time is based on the ban on the visa applied by Trump last year.



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Even though the dollar has fallen, the tension between the US and us has been preserved. For the sake of the solution, both leaders are nowhere to be seen, and this is particularly the reason why the economy is having a busy day. If Trump Considering Intimidating talks about Turkey in this case seems likely to continue for a while.