Brian Kelly: Bitcoin at 6500-6800 critical

Bitcoin searches on Google fell by 75 percent. This is worrisome, investors worry that people have lost interest in crypto paralysis.

But not according to CNBC's financial expert Brian Kelly.

As Kelly said, the search for "bitcoin" on Google is more of a search than "Beyonce", even during Superstar's performance at the Coachella music festival, Kelly said. "Bitcoin is still searched more in Google than Beyonce."

After declining to under 7000, Kelly said that several levels are critical to determine where she might go.

Kelly says she expects a jump from 6500, and that this level is an important level of support because of the cost of mining. he said. According to Kelly's calculations, the cost of mining is around $ 5900-6000

The analyst, who considers 6500 as a support level, says that the 6800 is resistance, and notes that this level is a suitable region for buying. [19659002] → NEXT GREAT FOR BITCOIN PRICES MAY BE STIMULATED IN ICE AND NASDAQ