Brief information: Corona warning app, oceans, Jack Dorsey, Netflix

The app developed in Europe to contain the coronavirus epidemic using smartphones is expected to be available in Germany between April 15 and 19. Chris Boos, one of the project's leading researchers, announced this in a conversation with dpa. The concept was developed by 130 experts from eight European countries and tested by Bundeswehr soldiers in Berlin. Technically, the project relies on Bluetooth. If you have installed the corresponding app, the smartphone regularly sends an ID via Bluetooth, almost like a small mobile lighthouse. If two users are within range of each other, exchange their IDs and save them in encrypted form locally.

German marine researchers want to jointly explore the opportunities and risks of storing the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide in the oceans. According to previous research, the world's oceans have so far absorbed between 25 and 30 percent of the man-made greenhouse gas. "But whether this remains the case and whether the oceans even have storage capacity for CO2 emissions – these are important questions for the future," explains Professor Michael Bruno Klein, Chairman of the Board of the Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung. It is one of the first major projects for the alliance of maritime research institutes, authorities and museums founded in 2019.

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Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wants to donate shares worth a billion dollars – among other things to fight the coronavirus crisis. The 43-year-old announced that he would put 28 percent of his private assets in a corresponding fund. The initiative should initially focus on coping with the corona pandemic. Thereafter, the fund will shift its focus to "girls' health and education" and an unconditional basic income, as Dorsey sees these areas as the long-term solutions to the world's existential problems.

The streaming service Netflix has expanded the settings for the protection of minors. As Netflix describes in the release, parents will be able to limit their children's Netflix profiles in the future. These profiles can then only be used to watch films and series that are suitable for your age group.


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