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The Bundestag is in favor of a much tougher gait in the fight against child sexual abuse. In the future, investigators will be able to use computer-generated images, for example, if relevant acts cannot be explained otherwise or if they could only be "significantly more difficult" to follow up. This is envisaged in a bill passed on Friday, with which attempts to cybergrooming are already punishable. Anyone who assumes that they are chatting with a child but in reality were dealing with a covert investigator or a parent has so far gotten away with it.

After much criticism, the Federal Ministry of the Interior does not want to prescribe that passport photos may only be taken in the citizens' office. "We make no compromises when it comes to the security of our identity documents. This also applies to passport photos," said Interior Minister Horst Seehofer of dpa. The aim of the new regulations is to further increase the security against counterfeiting. However, Seehofer emphasized that it was important to him that citizens could decide in the future whether they would like the passport photos to be taken by the authorities or by the photographer.

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Facebook has put its plans for the introduction of advertising in WhatsApp on hold. The department responsible for this has been dissolved in the past few months, and program code that has already been written and delivered has been withdrawn. The Wall Street Journal reports, citing initiates. For the time being, the group is focusing on the exchange of normal messages between companies and consumers via WhatsApp.

Phosphorus is an important building block in life, but it was previously unclear how it came to earth. Astronomers have now recorded a path. The international team of researchers observed that when stars form from phosphorus, phosphorus-containing molecules such as phosphorus monoxide are formed, which could then have come to earth with comets.


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