British market and technology industry entrusted to Blockchain

One of Britain's most influential fiscal regulators will allow 28 Blockchain companies to test their products on the real market.

The British market created a virtual space for crypto projects

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a new reality involving innovative products, services, business models and distribution mechanisms. created a regulatory virtual space that allows for life experiments.

Hundreds of projects have been implemented, and the results of this month showed that fewer than half of the published results could be effectively allowed in real-life testing under the "sandbox."

This sandbox is used to test new products or concepts on the real market in a controlled environment. In the test area we will investigate the risks in a controlled way

However, we will see a large number of Blockchain and crypto money focused businesses among the accepted 40% projects. The FCA said that they are willing to investigate whether consumer risks are effectively managed and managed in a controlled environment and whether these benefits are being achieved.

These notifications are considered to be 28 Blocks of 89 entities as intelligent contracts, cryptographic units or distributed books , reveals the overall sentiment of the British market and regulators towards the crypto industry. In fact, it is enough for the London Stock Exchange Group to allow one of these projects to process the world's third largest stock exchange.


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