Browser: Vivaldi 2.9 extends Vivaldi's menu

The latest desktop version of the browser Vivaldi is intended to facilitate navigation and improve performance. Closing and opening tabs now feels "much faster", explains the Vivaldi team. Developers are always improving individual components of the browser to increase its working speed. Apart from the performance, the Vivaldi boss Jon von Tetzchner is important for effective navigation: it should be "intuitive and simple".

Via the Vivaldi menu, users quickly access all possible functions of the browser. In the current version, the developers have expanded the menu and retrofitted some options for customization: Windows and Linux users decide whether the menu hides behind the Vivaldi icon or horizontally positioned at the top of the window. In the settings, the style of the menu icon can also be changed under "Appearance / Menu".

Many users would prefer to "access important functions via the menu bar," explains Vivaldi developer Espen Sand, who has been busy with the menu navigation. The menu now has more items, including the web panels, the tab bar, and the bookmarks. The web panels can accommodate social media channels, news feeds or a note function.

Notifications from websites may be useful – many users are rather annoyed by them. Vivaldi wants to remedy this situation and enables the global deactivation of these "annoying interruptions". Users can globally set the default settings for sound, localization, camera, microphone, motion sensors, Bluetooth devices, and pop-ups. The new options can be found in the browser settings under "Websites / Default permissions". It is also possible to customize the settings site by site.


The users have the choice: On request, the browser menu is hidden behind the Vivaldi icon.

(Picture: Vivaldi)

Mac users can look forward to "significant progress" in resolving some HTML5 video issues. Videos on older Macs have had problems playing back in the past. The current version 2.9 of Vivaldi is now available for Windows, Linux and macOS for download ready. The update automatically downloads the browser in the rules.


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