BTC and LTC halving shock can be reduced by combined mining

The half-shock of block prizes for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (BTC) mining can be reduced by combined mining, as stated in a report issued by Binance's research arm.

Binance Research analyzed the potential of merged mining to be an incentive for crypto miners

Combined mining, a Business Chain Protection (AuxPoW)
By applying, smaller blockchains are designated as the main blockchain.
platforms. So far three main
combined mining example. These are available with both LTC and BTC.
combined Myriadcoin (XMY), Namecoin (NMC) within Bitcoin Blockchain
and Dogecoin (DOGE) combined with Litecoin.

future block prize halves planned for both mining, Litecoin and Bitcoin
olabilir could be a potential opportunity için to increase mining awards
concluded. The firm also has a higher level of smaller chains.
AuxPoW’a reduces the need for a separate mine set for network security

In addition, Binance Research is a
potential disadvantages of combined mining for the project team.
I mention. Miners, significant transaction costs and given coin market
Advantage for small blockchains, due to the potential for a fall in price

For a project team working on the existence of PoW crypto, risks include dependence on the main Blockchain and new potential attack vectors.

Other highlights of the day…

The most successful combined mining example, Dogecoin [19659004] In the report, Binance Research has so far
Dogecoin, the most successful example of combined mining
as evaluated. Dogecoin merged in August 2014
After adopting the mining model, the coin mining hash rate of 1,500 percent
ratio, it also correlates with Litecoin's mixed ratio. Report to
90 percent of Dogecoin’s total

Operation on the Dogecoin Binance platform on July 5
began to see. On the same day, Dogecoin's Bitcoin
daha 2019 Q2
Crypto-Correlation Review ”
published. However, the crypto coin
the mine continues to be significantly correlated with the common mining.

On July 9, the Bitcoin mining challenge reached an all-time high, reaching an average of 9.06 trillion per square foot (EH / s) of 64.85 per second (EH / s).


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