Bull movement in Bitcoin, XRP payment option and XLM whale movement

Former Wall Street trader Tone Vays said the decline continued in Bitcoin, but the value could be up to $ 6,000 on the horizon.

trader Bitcoin can be $ 6000 in the short term. 001 [19659003] Tone Vays shared his thoughts as follows:

I don't think the bear market is over, but we're balancing here. Many people are once again on the side of the bulls. I believe we can go up to $ 5,000, or maybe $ 6,000, but I still think we'll see low prices under this $ 3,000 this year lar

it is so high. Just as we were stuck at $ 6,000 in 2018, the likelihood of falling below that level is also so high.

The UK-based payment platform, PayGlobal, reported that it added XRP as its first crypto payment option.

Financial Behavior Authority (FCA)

Crypto whale watchers watch the movement of a billion XLM says the company, whose users can now convert their XRPs to local ATMs.

The transfer stemmed from the Stellar Development Foundation and the fund's recent crypto stock exchange Coinbase listing the XLM on retail and professional trading platforms spek


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