Bus companies now accept Bitcoin as a payment option!

The adoption of cryptographic money is expanding at a rapid pace around the world, independent of its field of activity. Two Brazilian-based transport companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment.

Brasil Sul and Viaçao Garcia companies now accept Bitcoin

These are the first companies to adapt their field of activity to the requirements of the market. One of the two companies has over 800 buses and the other says it has the most modern fleet of the country. Companies that are part of GBS, Brasil Sul and Viaçao Garcia have made changes to payments on their web sites since June 6.

Initially, we chose to use Bitcoin (BTC), the most popular crypto currency on the market today, as the first passenger transport group in the country to accept payments based on cryptographic parallax.

The bus companies now accept Bitcoin as a payment option!

Viaçao Garcia has been on the market since 1934 and has been in Brazil for the fifth consecutive year as a transportation company. The company's website states that more than 800 buses modern fleets make 5.5 million kilometers per month and have the newest and most modern fleet of Brazil. According to company announcements through their website, when customers prefer to pay for their tickets using Bitcoin, they must open their wallet and scan the code that appears on the site screen and then approve the transaction. In order to complete the payment and delivery information, the customer will receive the ticket via the e-mail address.


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