Byzantine Buildings in the Haydarpaşa Wire Restoration Work

The restoration work started in 2015 in Haydarpaşa Retail which dates back to 110 years ago.

Meanwhile, archeological remains of early and late Byzantine era emerged under the rails and under the platforms.

Haydarpaşa Bridge ' The excavations that started after the collapse of the nun are continued at the point where the platforms are located. The work initiated around the Haydar Baba Tomb located on the rails is being carried out by the Istanbul Archeology Museum Directorate.

According to the report of Özgür Deniz Kaya from Hürriyet, it was learned that there were early and late Byzantine historical remains in the excavations. The history under the rails is supposed to belong to the old port city. And not just under rails; Within an area of ​​300 acres, it was found to be found at different points.

The work will be completed at the end of the year.

Countdown to the historic Haydarpasa Street, which is the symbol of train journeys and which has been operating since 1908, has also begun. At the end of the year, the restoration work is continuing in many parts, especially the roof terrace where it is planned to go into service.

The restoration work of Haydarpaşa Gate is going on in two stages … 1. The roof of the stairway building, the waiting room and the fraying exterior stones are being restored.

With the completion of the work that started in 2015, the construction of the passenger services of the historical railway station towards the end of the year will be completed, as well as the construction of other departments used as office services, wooden works, removal of attachments made afterwards, in-building repairs and in- emphasizing the opening of all sections.