Calm Method of Viral on Facebook

In the United States, a mother resorted to an interesting method to calm her children. The mother said that she received pajamas that shone in the darkness of her children at night and convinced her children to lie tall in order to charge their pajamas. The mom, who shared those moments on Facebook, became viral shortly after.

Children are often difficult to calm down. Moreover, it is even more difficult to keep calm today's children. But a mother, Jessica D'Entremont, who lives in the United States, discovered an interesting way to calm her children. Sharing the method she discovered on social media platforms, the mother sat on the agenda of social media.

D'Entremont told his children that he bought a pajamas that glowed in the dark, and that the pajamas had to lie down in the evening and lie under the light in order to charge. Mother who convinced her children to charge their pajamas, shared their children's pajamas "charge" by social media "I'm not even upset" statement. Here is D'Entremont's share;

kids are charging their pajamas

This share of the woman via Facebook received more than 200 thousand likes and more than 70 thousand comments within a few days. Some users said they had found a new gift for their children, while others said that they were very curious about their children's facial expression when they learned the truth and that it was a brilliant idea.

However, some users did not approve of this. According to some, this situation will damage the trust between mothers and children, while others said that it is a lie, and therefore it is objectionable to lie to children. In short, social media has been divided into two because of an interesting method that a US mother tries.


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What are your thoughts on the subject? Is it really logical that the mother has found a way to calm her children, or is there something unwise about this idea? You can share your ideas with us.