Can the EOS token take the place of Ethereum (ETH)?

 Power Brawl: EOS can be replaced by Ethereum (ETH)
Power Brawl: EOS can be replaced with Ethereum (ETH)

Blockchain revolutionary EOS is now in the crypto market is experiencing its biggest fall. EOS token is currently trading at $ 7.53 and is down 1.99% against the USD.

Power Brawl

EOS is a crypto paradise arising from Ethereum and promising to provide the strongest decentralized applications. According to the statement, the EOS protocol, which has a zero processing fee and a system capable of one million transactions per second, chose to use a different technique to execute transactions.

According to the EOS technical report:

The resulting technology will allow millions of transactions at the moment and eliminate user fees;

Where are the EOS tokens going?

These factors give EOS a viewpoint on Ethereum. According to the statement, EOS can replace Ethereum Blockchain. But this has not happened yet and EOS seems to be performing poorly in the crypto market. EOS may be detrimental to future expectations, perhaps in a growth phase, but such a decline in market performance.

EOS is now at 5th place in Coinmarketcap and is up 5.55% against ETH. EOS, technology merit When a large developer, led by Larimer, merges together, it will be a currency with the right technology. Of course, with several advantageous positions relative to Ethereum, it has to grow even more to defeat Ethereum, the second largest coin in the market for crypto markets.