Canaan Creative Develops Bitcoin Mining TV

Canaan Creative, the world's second largest bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer, introduced the bitcoin mining company.

BitCoin mining company Canaan Creative announced the mining television "Avalonminer Inside". The A3210 16-nm ASIC chips have a 2.8 TH / s powerhouse with artificial intelligence. The device, which can calculate the real-time profitability of bitcoin mining, also has the possibility to be controlled by voice.

Visual representation.

Having a 43 inch panel at 4K resolution, the television is also accessible via the Canaan Creative platform. With these features, Avalonminer Inside, which has no backing from other smart TVs, enables you to earn money while watching TV.


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Canaan Creative, which was offered to the public at the Hong Kong stock exchange early this year, has invested about 200 million dollars so far. The company, which achieved 19.5% of the market by selling 30,000 mining rigs in 2017, aims to expand its product range. Introduced television stands out as the first product of this target. In the future, other home products can also develop mining systems. This situation, which is intimidating in terms of electricity consumption, wreaks curiosity in people by making gains.