Canada: Bitcoin miner Hut 8

Toronto-based Bitcoin mining company Hut 8 has announced that the second mining facility in Canada has opened up on July 16 with the capacity to become the world's largest publicly traded Bitcoin mining company.

1,900 BTC removed in 7 months

The company, which has issued a press release, announced that the farm in Medicine Hat town was completed before the end of September and will join its current operation in Drumheller.

Hut 8, which started a partnership with BitFury, which supplies its own mining equipment and other needs,

CEO of Hut 8: "We are the largest mining company open to the public."

The comparative success of BitFury and Hut 8 is dominated by China-based Bitmain ongoing Bi TCOin is further diversifying its mining market. Hut 8 President and CEO Andrew Kiguel said in a press release:

The largest crypto money miner in Canada and the world's largest publicly traded crypto money miner with a total operational capacity of 66.7 MW

The sources familiar with the Hut 8 plan say that the company's current share price is $ 2.45, and will convert to $ 4.75 to $ 7.85.

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