Canon Mirror Camera EOS R

Canon, soon after his geared rival Nikon, introduced his mirrorless flagship in a formal event.

The development of cameras on smartphones may have reduced DSLR camera sales. Indeed, the products of leading companies such as Canon and Nikon still maintain their popularity with more advanced technologies. Recent cameras, which attracted both professionals and interested photographers to spend time and cash, began to slide toward the body of the mirror.

In the past week, Nikon, who introduced his own cop-camera, came back shortly from his rival Canon. With the new EOS R camera, the company allows you to take 30.3 megapixel photos in the range of ISO 100-40,000. The device comes with a Canon DIGIC 8 image processor, as well as a full-touch screen, OLED vision and a classic digital information display.

The reason why the camera has a thinner body compared to other DSLR cameras is that the images are not reflected by the mirror. Since this device does not have a mirror, the light entering the object falls directly on the sensors.

We can also see that Canons offer a wide range of lenses, as they will be worth mentioning. The first EOS R lenses to be produced;

Canon EOS R pre-orders will be available on September 12th, 'will start from den. Only the camera body is priced at $ 2,299 and $ 3,399 with the 24-105 mm lens. This means that if you take the device from abroad, the camera body is 15.400 TL and 24-105 mm lens package is 22.760 TL according to the current exchange rate value (6.70 TL). Even though there is no clear historical account for sales in our country, we can say that these prices will go up even more with additional taxes.






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