Capcom Postponed Pro Tour 2020

The recent events across the USA cause negative reflections in many sectors. Finally, Capcom announced that it delayed the Pro Tour 2020 due to the current situation across the USA.

Japanese video game developer and publisher CapcomDue to events that happened in the United State Capcom Pro Tour 2020 announced that the event has changed the start date. Due to the unjust attitude and police violence against black citizens, the Japanese-based game giant has decided to postpone its event.

The game giant, which we know with its productions like Street Fighter, shared the new dates of the tournament determined for both North America, Europe and the Middle East with the sharing it made to support black citizens. History for users in Europe and the Middle East region June 14 this date for the United States 20 June is determined as. For the Asian region, history has a little delay. June 26 has been shifted to.

Tensions in the U.S. also affected the tournament history:

Capcom Pro Tour 2020

The tournament is normally June 6 It was planned to be held on the day, but especially after the death of George Floyd by the police, as a result of the atmosphere that occurred in the USA, the company did not find this date very suitable. Although the contestants who were looking forward to the competition in the tournament were disappointed with this news, this delay was also a good opportunity for those who want to prepare better.

In addition to the postponement of Pro Tour 2020, Japanese game giant Capcom will say goodbye to social media for a while until the competition begins. The firm explains this situation by stating that there are more important sounds and events that currently deserve to be heard. Given the current situation in the United States, this is extremely a right step we can say that. It should be noted that, while the postponement is on the agenda, Capcom company may offer new content for Street Fighter V to its fans.


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