Captain Marvel Webtekno Custom Review (Spoiler)

Disney, managed! The fantastic flow of Marvel comic books has buried science fiction elements in superhero films into history. Although Captain Marvel did not make sense alone, he was the biggest knot of 21 years of adventure over the past 11 years

. We have been following the stories that have almost a century written and drawn history behind. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which we saw with his movie The Captain Marvel, will continue in a different way from now on.

In this adventure that started with Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, we saw stories that were strong enough to enter science fiction genre. Together with Captain Marvel, we have officially switched to the fantastic period when Disney has been boiling water for a long time. Although he was without a cape, there are also heroes who fly from his eyes and emerge from a strange planet.

WARNING: This content contains details that seriously distract you for those who have not yet watched Captain Marvel or 21 previous films. Don't let your taste escape.

The Endless Journey of the Hero and Captain Marvel:

You're not alone if you're one of those superhero films. This is very normal because in a very important part of the stories you have watched or read so far, a flow called the Infinite Journey of the Hero is preferred.

An ordinary person takes an extraordinary journey as he struggles with his ordinary problems. He must discover himself somehow. He goes to sorcery school, the spider bites, he protects people with weapons that kill people. His decisions don't kill and strengthen him. Strong character fights against an unusual problem. Sometimes on this journey she is accompanied by a mentor and reminds her responsibilities. He is no longer a hero; beating men, killing the beast, saving the world.

We couldn't see anything different in Captain Marvel.

Versed on the planet HAL, we have seen more than 6 years of history. He was a member of a tough unit that fought the Skrull race to protect his Kree race. As she recalled her past, the confusion she experienced was readily circulated to the viewer. We found answers to many questions in our minds when he learned of the war pilot Carol Danvers who had already been declared dead in the world

The questions disappeared, but a big problem arose. Carol Denvers' answers were addressed only to the audience of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney has taken the opportunity to win over new audiences, presenting the most powerful superhero in the series as ordinary as possible in a transition movie.

This is acceptable when you think that the main event is the Avengers: Endgame. As a matter of fact, if you do not win new audiences, it will be difficult to carry out this work for 10 years.

Carol Danvers is one of those characters who cannot explain themselves:

The film's best-written character was not Carol Denvers himself. When we look at the previous Marvel films, we see that the best written character is the main hero of the empathy. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers was the most understandable character of his films.

The best-written character of this film was Nick Fury. It's the first time we've learned the history of Fury, who jokes every bit of the film from the beginning to the end. After taking the rank of Colonel, he resigned and took over the head of SHIELD. He had no kids, he loved animals, he was a good and lonely man, Nick Fury. Her motivation passed easily to the audience.

At this point, it is necessary to separate the actor Samuel L. Jackson, who is 70 years old, and the visual effects team that turns 30 years old. Even when the first Iron Man movie came out, the man was old enough to love grandchildren, and be halal.

Let us discuss why Carol Danvers is a badly written character. When the first images and fragments of the film appeared, it was written that the actress Brie Larson was too dull and even, sullen bu for this character. Larson made this work a face associated with the character.

Disney, Warner Bros. Instead of putting the physical advantage of the player like us, he positioned Larson's tough stance as ı ideal woman gibi. As a matter of fact, we did not see that the main character of the film offered anything other than that. His only motivation was remembering his past, giving messages about his place in society.

The scene, which was even given one of these messages, made us live one of the most dumbest moments of the Marvel films. Maria, Carol's closest friend, and another fighter pilot, was a single parent living with her child. Maria's little girl wanted her mother to fight with everyone

Carol, meanwhile, miss … Technologically, we will clash in Earth's orbit with a horrific alien race, which has developed from us as far away as technological.

At this point, Captain Marvel's already unclear motivation was lost in the space-time space.

A hero was supposed to protect that woman who lived with his child alone. In March 8, Disney discredited the image of her most powerful superhero to give her message of power in the female superhero movie she was presenting to the audience. The message was nice, but it didn't fit the character. (Do not be surprised if we see this little girl as another hero soon enough.)

The transformation of the Yon-Rogg character, the commander of the Kree unit, may have come as a surprise to those who do not know the story from the comics. Actor Jude Law was far from his line of acting. The same goes for Brie Larson, which seems to be a problem with the film's structure. Both Law and Larson are two valuable players with enough career to run into Oscar with a suitable scenario. The reasons for accepting Disney's offer are of course completely emotional (!).

Yon-Rogg did nothing but connect the Thrace and his team to the friendly Kree race. As a criticism of the male-dominated culture, it was packaged by our main hero and returned to Thanos and his team with the message ım Don't let them get around here Bir.

Talrians, the leader of the Skull, who we thought to be enemies, did indeed find the trace of his family, who had lost so much, to build a beautiful life for his own race. Again we saw a side character with a better motivation than the main character. For most viewers, the most emotional moment of the film was the scene in which Talos came together with his family.

Disney closely identified the name Talos as a discourse to Thanos to play our subconscious. Because Talos, the most critical scene when the cat saw the joke. It had already been understood that this man was a good family man bir wise but not Disney.

Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel

In the comic book, you see the character Mar-Vell sent from the planet HALA as an agent to Earth. As a scientist named Walter Lawson in the world, the character's disguise is to defend the Kree race against people. He's also a man. After a while he sees the fact that Creeks serve to evil purposes, he prefers protecting people. For this cause, he sacrificed his life and replaced it with Captain Marvel, a woman from Earth.

In the film, the Mar-Vell character came out as a good person. He's not a man, but we saw him as a woman. He was a scientist who was concealed on Earth by the name of Wendy Lawson, who invented the machine that reached the speed of light.

The reason why Mar-Vell's character was changed to a woman was quite clear,

In the further stages of the film, Supreme Intelligence He appeared as Mar-Vell in his mind. If Disney presented Mar-Vell as a man; in this scene we would watch the war of women and men, not of good and evil. In a film that gave messages about the place and equality of women in society, a possible male-female competition would cause controversy and cast a shadow over the series. Jude Law's poor villain Yon-Rogg abandoned the film in such a way that it was only mediocre.

Although there is an ordinary superhero film, there are some fine details,

What are Fantastic Monsters, Where … The Joke: The Beast 'Kitty' Goose

On another planet, you have noticed that by another race the time is expressed by the World clock. Even when a foreign race isn't having a hard time talking to people … Disney is now filling these details in more superficially than ever before in Marvel films. Previously, science fiction elements were used for these explanations, now everything is over.

The little kitty Goose, a kind of alien creature that our friends Skulls didn't enjoy, came out. Chewie was her friend in the comics.

Carol Danvers was learning in a comic book that her cat was from an alien race called Flarken, Rocket, in the Guardians of the Galaxy team. In the film, we learned this from Talos, who was abnormally feared by the cat. By this time, almost all the different races were extremely mechanically structured characters that fit the science fiction line. It was the first time that we made a transition to a fantastic universe in the first moments when Goose showed his octopus arms.

In Goose or comic, Chewie is a disguise that can hide galaxies in his small stomach. It can travel between galaxies and change the size. We probably won't be able to see him so deep in the world of cinema.

In the second yum after-credits ’scene of the film, we saw Goose swallow the swallowed Tesseract like a hairball. The fact that Tesseract came into the world in the belly of an alien cat was as shallow (but still fun) as the statement made to Nick Fury's eye patch at least.

an alien gathered 5 stones like him and killed billions of living things. In spite of everything, a cat's stomach os (It looks as though all of these are in the case of Fantastic Monsters 3)

Result: Wait for us Avengers: Endgame!

Now we know that the last Avengers movie is not an end, but on the contrary it will be a serious start. Because there is a new captain who gets on the engine of Steve Rogers, who was introduced as the kap First Unbeatable Zira. In the final scene of the film, we also learn that the name Avengers was originally from the nickname ilk Avenger ıy by pilot Carol Danvers. In the after-credits gör scene, we saw the continuation of the Engame trailer. Captain Marvel responded by answering the pager's message. While there were billions of dead bodies, the first thing she asked first thing was that of Nick Fury.

This scene was filmed for the parting in the trailer and Captain Marvel. We watched in two separate ways. Because such an entry in Endgame, the character's charisma may be a serious shadow.

A new Marvel world is waiting for us to make a journey between galaxies and dimensions. Avengers: Endgame, we hope this big show closes the way it deserves. We think that Disney will no longer watch more transitions

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