Captain Marvel's Score Rises

Captain Marvel, the latest film from Marvel Studios and before the endgame, brought a new breath to the MCU. Captain Marvel's points, which were attempted to be shown poorly by some trawl visitors, began to rise in the end.

Rotten Tomatoes, which is a site where viewers can comment and score when the movies are released, has become quite common for Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel, whose internet trolls have unfairly low ratings, has started to be properly criticized by viewers after it has been released all over the world. Thus, his score increased.


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Captain Marvel, who is currently at 55% positive review level, is now approaching the value he deserves. Of course, this is still quite low and the film critics like Captain Marvel's 79%.

Rotten Tomatoes, who is aware of this situation, recently closed the feature of commenting and scoring to the film before the official screening date;


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Captain Marvel, a film that connects us to the Endgame, the MCU's biggest event (and body show), has been released last Friday. According to the first estimates, you can reach the review of the film that has grossed $ 455 million worldwide to date.