Cars Can Be Driven Remote With 5G Technology

This year, 13th annual Digital Age Summit event, 5G technology was explained about. Serkan Öztürk, Assistant General Manager in charge of Turkcell Customer Experience and Information Technologies, stated that it is possible to remotely control the cars with 5G technology

Serkan Öztürk, Turkcell's Customer Experience and Information Technology Assistant General Manager, gave information about 5G technology.

As a result of the independent organizations, Turkcell has the 3rd fastest Internet in the world and 5G technology is getting closer. Speed ​​tests have been started to be made in 3 different cities, indicating that Ozturk, users of these technologies are currently not in the market for the devices emphasized.

Serkan Öztürk stated that 5G technology would offer users higher speed, but what is important here is the time delay, which will be seriously reduced. Ozturk talked about the experiments conducted at the GSMA Mobile World Congress and mentioned the operation using 5G technology. In the operation performed in live broadcast, underlining that such a thing should be minimal in order for such a thing to be possible; He recalled the use of a truck in Sweden using a virtual machine in Barcelona.


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Arçelik Digital Strategy and Marketing Manager Metin Cherasi, who is a speaker at the same panel, said that thanks to the digital transformation program they carried out within the company, they could do better with the customer definition.

Choose Your Passwords Carefully

Chris Roberts, Cyber ​​Security and Technology Expert, underlined that all the people in the world are online and communicating with each other and reminded that internet users should identify their passwords very well.

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