Casper VIA A3 – Price and Features

Casper VIA A3 Plus's younger brother, the Casper VIA A3, was introduced to the press before it was introduced on the market for the Plus model.

Casper is one of those companies that have not been idle these days. The Casper Via A3 Plus, which went on the market in August and we did a detailed review for you, came out with a more economical and mid-segment appealing version.

Although the price of the product officially announced by Casper has not yet been announced, important statements were made. Let's take a look at the device.

Casper Via A3

It will be on the market with 3 different color options: Metallic Gray, Lead Platinum and Parlament Blue.
The device has 12MP + 5MP rear camera. With the intelligent camera, the portrait mode 'object recognition feature' allows professional photography.
The 16 MP front camera is ideal for 'selfie' shooting. Again there is portrait mode supported by artificial intelligence.
The device will have a huge 6.2-inch screen. It will offer a 1080 x 2246 pixel smartphone experience with a 19: 9 end-to-end frameless display with a screen ratio of 82%.
Face scanning technology that can detect your face in half a second even when you are in motion.
Snapdragon 450 chipset and 4 GB of RAM.
3400 mAh, self-optimizing battery according to the application and your games.

The sale price of the phone is not yet announced. However, if the Abi Via A3 Plus is currently sold on the market at a price of £ 3,000, we expect Via A3 to have a price of around TL 2,000. You can immediately check out the video we have already done on the Via A3 Plus: