Cassowary Bird Attacked Its Owner

Cassowary, known as the world's most dangerous bird in the US state of Florida, attacked his landlord.

A 75-year-old farmer named Marvin Hajos was killed by his Cassowary-type bird in the US state of Florida. The Cassowary bird is known to be the most dangerous bird in the world. In general, birds living in New Guinea and Australia forests are too high to fly. Close to two meters in length and average 50 years of this bird species is very thick and sharp fingers. The dangerous bird that makes its attacks with these strong claws is about to run out.

The farmer's feet were caught and dropped, and the birds were attacked and seriously injured. The farmer could not be saved despite intense efforts by doctors. Police officers stated that the farmer was found to be severely wounded, and that the injuries on his body could be caused by the bird's claws. Officials said that two birds were found on the farm, one of the birds attacked or two birds were attacked together yet, he said. Two birds were taken under observation as a result of the incident, the investigation continued.

Cassowary's birds had previously been named in other incidents. The bird, jumping upon a small child, tore up the carotid vein and attacked a person from behind and caused a tide. It is also known that during the Second World War some American soldiers were killed by these birds.