Causes Underneath We Feel Like Falling In Sleep

How is the feeling of falling in sleep that 70% of people experience at least once in their life and what is its indicator?

Almost every person at some point in his life has met with a condition that would lead to feelings like sleeping or falling. How and why is the feeling of falling, the most common feeling in these situations, in our bodies


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According to scientists' work, these two frightening events are also related to the disorder of passage between sleep stages. Basically, this event, which can be seen in every healthy individual, is the result of a discordance between our brains and our bodies from time to time when we go from deep sleep to the first stage of sleep. Such partial incompatibilities can sometimes cause reflex muscle movements.


We can see the reflex muscle movements outside of sleep as the best example to understand better what these reflexes are.
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According to estimates from our studies, our brain resembles muscle activity declining during sleep transitions to a moment or even a falling sensation and sends a sudden movement signal to our body to survive. It is possible to simulate this situation with a simple example of a broken sensor. Although the ear is scary and unhealthy, such reactions do not indicate any danger or health problem if it is not encountered very often.

The stress of everyday life, or even a day of hard work and excitement, can become one of the factors that affect this situation. Nevertheless, if it is a frightening experience for you to encounter such a situation, you should take great care of your cafe in your life; as the studies supported support that caffeine is a trigger for this issue.