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Nice Lovers who have been written in Turkish and some who have not met, I will tell you a beautiful love story in this writing.

Everything that starts with a bride-picking ceremony.

This platonic love adventure passes through a genkan named Osman in the village of Çaydere. For the bride-to-be of the Uncle Osman's Son, set up a big caravan in the village of Ula. The caravan arrives at the wedding house over the evening. At the wedding house you will be welcomed with drums and sherbets and you will be welcomed with a great welcome.

When Osman enters the house ( Home entrance ) to enter the house, he sees the young girls playing in his own state when he enters. eye comes to the eye.

The son of Osman Uncle ends the ceremony for the bride-to-be, and they all return together

At this time, the Ottoman is frozen to the point where the girl looks just as an eye- then our Osman Ulan becomes an uninvited guest and where there is a circumcision ceremony there is a wedding, a funeral, the bidding of the soldier. In almost every ceremony, the girl of the Balcılar whom she saw the eyes at the time is in Gül Ayşe. He calls him, asks him, he sends little children around. Once again he tries to see Gul Ayse. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 finally received such a wedding news. Osman gets his horse and keeps Ula's way. Maybe this time it will go on this time I will say good will. He comes to the wedding area and keeps Osman excited again I wonder if I will be able to talk. The way to relax is to have a drink or two, just sit on a table and have a drink or something to enjoy. Then

One of the youth of Osman enters the youth of the Uranium. Osman Abi you are now the Ulucan. You are not leaving the Ulucan. Obviously you have a derin He takes it away from the arm by saying.

" Osman Abi was thoroughly touched."

"Osman is in a conversation parade and he starts chatting together. You're the uninvited guest. Okay, if you're on top of us and you're a derdin, you're always coming here [19659000] "

Osman lifts his head and sees a baglama on the wall Take the link up and start to tell the tale with the binding

Because of the beauty of this place, it was worth the heart of the ants because of the beauty of the place.

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